Excel Plast Factory

Your Poly - Packaging Partner !

Needed Information

Being able to offer you our best price, you should provide following information to us"

1. Material of plastic bag: HDPE or LDPE?

2. Size and Gusset size

3. Thickness, usually mentioned in Micron (1000 Micron = 1mm)

4. Color: White color is usually cheapest one. Transparant plastic bag is more expensive. Also some of the colors (i.e. Silver, Golden, Speical mixed colors are more expensive than others)

5. Printing Area

6. Number of colors for printing (1, 2, 3 or 4 ?)

7. Sides of printing (one side or two sides?)

8. Colors to be used for printing ( Gold, Silver, Violet, Pink, Orange are more expensive than other colors).

9. Bag Shape, Cutting area and gusset

10. Quantity

11. Delivery Period

12. Delivery Point: Normall delivery of products to other emirates (except Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman) will cost more, especially if the quantity is less than 5,000 Kg.




Excel Plast is a leading plastic bag manufacturer
The Factory at Al Quoz industrial area 4 in Dubai has a built-up area 15,000 Square feet,and storage area 15,000 Square feet. »

Our Products
Varieties of bags with bottom seal, side seal, with handle, etc. Different shopping bag for supermarkets, restaurants, garments, electronics, accessoies shops. »

Quality Policy
Satisfy customer needs and expectations by delivering products that are verified to meet the agreed requirements, on time. »

Our Vision:
Provide the fastest service to our customers by means of our experiences and expert staff.
Our principle is investing in innovations, sector and our customers,
Our goal is increasing our exportation, maintaining the constant customer satisfaction. . »